Donkeyhill Transition Group (DTG) is an unincorporated voluntary organisation founded to develop sustainable energy projects at Llanteg Park, and to enable the local community in and around Llanteg to become more sustainable and resilient.

Built in the 1970s as a holiday park, Llanteg Park is a residential estate of 38 affordable, terraced homes, about half of which are lived in year-round, with the remainder being second homes. The estate also includes approximately 3 hectares of undeveloped scrub land and woodland. Our aim is to develop the scrub land for sustainable energy generation, and bring the woodland back into active management for recreational use by residents.

Phase 1 includes development of a 32 kWp solar array to provide energy for Llanteg Park’s infrastructurewith a view towards feasibility as a proof of concept system. Utilising the Llanteg Park infrastructure as a base load for demand, Phase 2 of the project includes extension of the solar farm up to 1MW at Llanteg Park and adjacent land.

The project seeks to benefit the wider community of Llanteg and surrounding hamlets by creating a local energy network, and making renewable energy viable at a price point that benefits local bill payers, with profit reinvested in the community. The community benefit scheme will provide guidance on energy efficiency measures to reduce energy usage, and achieve affordable warmth for about a hundred homes.